Shanghai Chest Hospital and Beacon Of Love Hand in Hand for 10 years: "Outstanding Public Welfare Partner"


On November 30, 2022, Beacon Of Love  received a plaque of appreciation from Shanghai Chest Hospital. On behalf of BOL,volunteers Michelle and Irene are honored to receive the plaque awarded by Hou Xu Min, Deputy Director of Shanghai Chest Hospital. Through the Shanghai Children's Health Foundation, our collaboration with hospital is 10 years today!  BOL participated in screening visits arranged by the hospital to Tengchong, Baoshan and Dali in Yunnan, and,visited children before and after their surgery at the hospital here inShanghai. This collaboration aims to save lives of 30 children each year. Over the span of 10 years, 248 children have benefited. The total amount of heart surgery completed so far is 5,020,202.85 yuan. This means a lot to the 248 families whose future has changed for the better!


Thanks to all the caring people and friends in the community for making the dreams of these families come true!



Since 2002, as volunteers ofShanghai Children’s Health Foundation,

Beacon Of Love has been dedicatedto raising awareness on the plight of children with Congenital Heart Disease,and financing heart surgeries for hundreds of children needing heartsurgeries across China.

Shanghai Children’sHealth Foundation 上海市儿童健康基金会:   62270743

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2021年10月30日,乐贤荟今天收到上海市胸科医院颁发的感谢牌匾。志愿者Michelle和Irene代表乐贤荟很荣幸接受上海胸科医院  副院长 侯徐敏 颁发的牌匾。 通过上海市儿童健康基金会,我们与医院的合作已经10年了!  乐贤荟参加医院安排到云南腾冲、保山、大理的筛查回访工作,并且到医院探望患儿, 每年拯救30名儿童的生命。10年来,有248名儿童已受益。 至今完成的心脏手术总金额为5,020,202.85元。这对248个受益家庭来说意义重大, 他们的未来已变得更好!



自从2002 年起, 作为上海市儿童健康基金会的志願者,


Shanghai Children’sHealth Foundation 上海市儿童健康基金会:   62270743

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