Beacon Of Love visited today 7 children from Yun Long County of Yunnan Province


July 13,2021, 10 am: :  Beacon Of Love visited today 7 children from Yun Long County of Yunnan Province at suffering who are suffering from life-threatening Congenital Heart Disease.  These children with their parents  arrived Shanghai last July 9 to receive medical treatment at the Shanghai Chest Hospital.  Talking to the parents, we learned that the medical examination have been completed and the hospital is arranging their surgeries in the next coming days.  We sincerely wish for smooth surgery procedure and fast recovery for the children.  


Bringing gifts of toys to the children was the most meaningful part of our visit.  

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Do you remember these two parents from our hospital visit yesterday?  


Yesterday, they were waiting for their children to be transferred from ICU to the standard patient’s ward. Today at our visit, they approached us to let us know that their children have recovered well and they are ready to go back to their hometown same day today in the afternoon. We are happy to see the children are looking good and healthy!   When We help one kid, we help the whole family! All the best to the family!


It was a happy day!  

👶👧🏻👦🏻...  Beacon Of Love Volunteer, Michelle

Since 2002, as volunteers ofShanghai Children’s Health Foundation,

Beacon Of Love has been dedicatedto raising awareness on the plight of children with Congenital Heart Disease,and financing heart surgeries for hundreds of needy children across China.

Shanghai Children’sHealth Foundation 上海市儿童健康基金会:   62270743

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2021 年 7 月13日, 早上10点: 乐贤荟今天看望了来自云南省云龙县的7名患有先天性心脏病的儿童。这些孩子和他们的父母在7月9日已抵达上海,在上海胸科医院接受治疗。通过与家长的沟通,我们了解到孩子们的体检已经完成,医院正在安排他们在接下来的几天内进行手术。我们衷心祝愿孩子们手术顺利,早日康复。




昨天他们等待他们的孩子从重症监护室转到标准病房。今天我们来医院,他们向我们表示孩子们已经康复的很好,并他们准备在今天下午返回家乡。我们真的很高兴看到孩子们又好又健康! 当我们帮助一个孩子,我们就帮助了整个家庭! 祝他们全幸福!


👶👧🏻👦🏻... 乐贤荟 志愿者 Michelle


自从2002 年起, 作为上海市儿童健康基金会的志願者,


Shanghai Children’sHealth Foundation 上海市儿童健康基金会:   62270743

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