A Touching Experience!  


June 29, 2021



A Touching Experience!  


On June 28 morning, I and BEACON OFLOVE volunteer Irene went to Shanghai Children’s Hospital to visit this 6 year-old boy, Ye Xiao Jie,  from Zhejiang province.  He is deaf.  He has a sister who is deaf too.  His mother is mentally ill.  His father abandoned him and the whole family.  


He just received a heart surgery last week and is still recuperating these days at the hospital.  He is accompanied by his neighbor, Mr Wang, and his grandmother.  On his ordinary days, the boy loves to go to Mr Wang’s house to play.   Neighbor Mr. Wang, who has a family of his own, voluntarily takes up the responsibility to care for this boy’s needs and welfare.   I was touched by my conversation with Neighbor Mr. Wang.  He said; “I will do everything I can to help this child. He was abandoned by his father and his future was not well planned. I can try to keep him from hunger and help him get a health insurance. I will do my best, but I am also limited. That’s why, I'm especially grateful for your help this time."


The boy born born with Congenital Heart Disease and today faced with this family background is doing fine today at the hospital.  His grandmother is very thankful today; for she say, without us reaching out to him,  this boy’s life will be shortened and has no hope due to his illness.  They found out his case after sending him to see a doctor for the possibility of treatment for his deafness.  And yet, that possibility is also dim due to his heart condition.  


Mr Wang and grandmother hopes the boy one day gets a treatment to hear, for they say he is smart.  As for now, he needed a healthy heart and nowhe has one! Wishing for smooth recovery for the boy .


This is the first of hospital visits to see children who needs medical treatment this year.


❤️👶👧🏻👦🏻... Beacon Of Love Volunteer, Michelle






他上周刚做了心脏手术,这几天在医院里休养。他由他的邻居王先生和他的祖母陪同。在平常的日子里,这个男孩喜欢去王先生的家玩。邻居王先生有自己的家庭,他自愿承担起照顾这个男孩的需要和福利方面的责任。我和邻居王先生的谈话感动了我。他说:我会尽我的全力帮助这个孩子。 他被父亲放弃,他一生的未来没有安排好。 我可以努力让他不会饿 并给他办个医保。 我尽我的全力,  但我有限。 对你们这次的帮助, 我表示感谢。


这个男孩患有先天性心脏病,面临着这样的家庭背景,今天手术后在医院里的康复情况很好。男孩的祖母非常感激。 她说:“ 你们若不伸手去帮他,这孩子的生命就必因病被削减,毫无指望。当时他们把男孩送去看医生,是否有可能治疗男孩的听力后而发现了他的情况。然而,由于他的心脏的状况,这种可能性也很渺茫。


邻居王先生和男孩的奶奶说孩子很聪明。他们希望男孩的听力缺陷有一天能得到治疗。至于今天·,他需要一个健康的心脏,而现在他已有了!  希望男孩能顺利康复。




❤️👶👧🏻👦🏻……乐贤荟志愿者  Michelle