A Special Gift


11.30.2021, Beacon Of Love visited a one-year-old boy from Tengchong, Yunnan province at Shanghai Chest Hospital. He underwent a successful heart operation.

After surgery, look how active he is!  The young parents were eager to go back to their hometown to bring good news to the family. 

A very special gift for the family just in time for the New Year 2022:    HOPE and HAPPINESS!

Since 2002, as volunteers ofShanghai Children’s Health Foundation,

Beacon Of Love has been dedicatedto raising awareness on the plight of children with Congenital Heart Disease,and financing heart surgeries for hundreds of children needing heartsurgeries across China.


Shanghai Children’sHealth Foundation 上海市儿童健康基金会:  www.sh-SCHF.com   62270743\

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2021年11月30日, 乐贤荟到上海胸科医院探望了来自云南腾冲的一岁男孩。他接受了一次成功的心脏手术。


在2022年新年来临之际,我们给这个家庭一份非常特别的礼物: 希望和幸福!



自从2002 年起, 作为上海市儿童健康基金会的志願者,


Shanghai Children’s Health Foundation 上海市儿童健康基金会:  www.sh-SCHF.com   62270743

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