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October 26, 2021, at Shanghai Children’s Hospital: “GivingHappiness A Chance”


Every Hospital Visit arouses the question why we do what we do.  We visited three babies today with their parents and guardians.  These children, so small and fragile, are doing their best for his/ her chance to live, and, parents are also standing by them not giving up on this chance.




The nine-month-old girl from Anhui Province was ready to go home the day after our visit. Her heart surgery was a success and her grandmother, who had taken care of her since her birth,  was so happy for this new healthy beginning for the family!


At the time of our visit, this 19-days old baby girl from Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province was released from ICU just before we came. She had a very complicated case and stayed at the ICU for 2 weeks after her heart surgery.   Her case was confirmed after 2 days from birth. The local hospitals could not handle her complex case.  She is the younger one of new born twins for her family.  The older sibling is healthy,Both the older sibling and  mother are in their hometown recuperating well.


After realizing the seriousness of his daughter’s case with no hopeful treatment from the local medical facilities from their hometown, the father himself initiated the search and made contact with hospitals in Shanghai.  The father also shared that the option of arranging an ambulance was too expensive for them.  With the help of a close friend who drove the family all the way from Xuzhou to Shanghai, the baby girl arrived ShanghaiChildren’s Hospital on emergency on the fifth day from her birth.  


Yesterday at the hospital, it was a joy to witness that the baby girl has now moved fromICU to the patient’s ward. She will stay in the patient’s ward for a week for full recovery. The doctors are positive about her situation today.


The father and grandmother, who stayed in the wait for 2 weeks at the hospital for her, felt relieved and grateful today.


This 15-days old baby boy from Jiangsi Province was ready for his surgery the next day after our hospital visit.  The father is working in Jiading, Shanghai.  The mother stays at home for recovery after birth. The 27-year old father is calm.  He picked up the baby boy from the bed and carries him lovingly in his arms.  We noticed and admired. He said I just learned how to hold him well these days.  Lovely! We wish well for his surgery and recovery!




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2021年10月26日,在上海儿童医院:  “ 给幸福一个机会”

每次去医院探望患儿都会引起自己有这样一个疑问: 我们为什么要这样做呢? 我们今天看望了三位婴儿和他们父母及监护人。 这些孩子,如此弱小,却在尽自己最大的努力争取生存的机会,而父母也在他们身边不放弃这个机会。



在意识到女儿病情的严重性后,并且在当地医疗机构没有找到合适的治疗, 父亲自己联系上海的医院。父亲也说,安排救护车对他们来说太贵了。在一位朋友的帮助下,为他们从徐州开车到上海来, 女婴在出生第五天就被送到了上海儿童医院。



这个15天的男婴来自江西省,他将在我们来访的第二天要做手术。父亲在上海嘉定工作。母亲产后在家休养。这位27岁的父亲很冷静。他把小男孩从床上抱起来,慈爱地抱在怀里。我们注意到了并赞赏。他说我最近才学会怎么抱他。可爱的! 祝他手术和康复一切顺利!


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